Abella Danger
Abella Danger

Abella Danger – American porn actress, a rising star of the powerful and hot strawberries. Slutty partners willingly allows himself to drive in all young holes, and girls engaged in hot lesbian pleasures. From it all gets real pleasure, and if not will drop the revs, you can become a porn star the most important and first sizes, the beauty is a lot of assumptions. Strawberry with her participation always longed for, emotional and colorful.

Year of birth – 1995, the city of Miami. Has Ukrainian and Jewish roots. Since three years was engaged in ballroom dancing, these classes gave her a great plasticity and toughness, plus good flexibility. Always popular with the boys, at the age of sixteen I lost my virginity. And in 18 years has been in the strawberry to appear. Then, in his Frank interview told me that before porn she had more than ten sex partners, as classy debauchery she had always loved. Abella also noted that the pleasure brings her lesbian sex, although with young partners she also likes to debauchery. But the Mature and old men are not always able to meet its needs. Also she likes when her partners take roughly, without any prelude. Her ideal type of man is a strong male who is pushy and sometimes rude, but this coarseness should not cross the limits and frameworks. In porn she had these partners, they caught courage and very powerfully flogged minx. And if you look at her videos with lesbian sex, there Abella Danger not only receives pleasure, but also with partners willing to share it.

In 2016, won a prestigious award from AVN Awards -best new starlet, plus several interesting nominations. And the fans have given her the victory in the nomination – hottest newcomer, this speaks for itself and shows that the porn career of danger the fun began. Also she was best new starlet at the XBIZ Awards version. And despite the fact that November 19, 2015 she was only twenty years old, the age allows you to continue climbing to pornographic heights. Her main hobby is dancing, this is not ballet, as a child, and more clockwork movement and rhythmic motives. Hot sex, too, can partly call it a hobby, so very much cutie likes it.

Her porn career is just beginning, but there are a lot of tasty strawberries where slim Abella Danger itself implements just fine and shows. As noted, in many pleasures she's well and truly a real prize. See the strawberry with Abelli and dipped into the world of hot depravity.

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  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 19.11.1995
  • Lugar de nacimiento: United States, Miami, Florida
  • Vídeos: 35
  • Altura: 162
  • Peso: no especificado
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Abella Danger en Twitter: @Abella_Danger

https://t.co/1S6fkBd13N https://t.co/f6GnWnHetg

04:09, 21.04.2019

nope. hes the reason i did porn https://t.co/3vPBbdebpn

03:33, 21.04.2019

lol it would be epic, my throat game is 💪🏼 https://t.co/83iD88tyzj

03:31, 21.04.2019

yeah bro https://t.co/963Y5wd4ZK

01:40, 21.04.2019

all natural except my blonde hair😂 https://t.co/l7xmxeGNd2 https://t.co/Ybmn1ayrT9

01:32, 21.04.2019

i do want to do a GB and a BB but it has to be super special so i rather just wait and keep fantasizing about it https://t.co/WnJky6Gq7Y

22:20, 20.04.2019

hello, let’s take a second to appreciate the fact that i’ve consistently shot for almost 5 years without ever “reti… https://t.co/KFp3y4bxmX

22:10, 20.04.2019

here you go👉🏼 https://t.co/DPiCQxk33k https://t.co/FqC43F5NqL

21:52, 20.04.2019

watching passionless porn is worse than LA rush hour traffic

08:50, 20.04.2019

yesssss king https://t.co/fITGzJx6W5

07:48, 20.04.2019

you can either spend time complaining about the stigma, or you can rise above it. focus on the love you get and ignore the hate.

07:19, 20.04.2019

pretty sure @stockx does https://t.co/IXAQp4RORf

06:44, 20.04.2019


20:01, 19.04.2019

yesterday’s look @Twistys https://t.co/k50eS1VEqe

19:40, 19.04.2019

visiting new zealand this summer just because my gay bestie is moving and i can’t live without him😭

06:50, 19.04.2019

the most INSANE like actually insane would probably be my https://t.co/jYHON9zdbg scene with @JamesDeen & my… https://t.co/7PYw0G2yRX

06:49, 19.04.2019

yeezys https://t.co/MQ3hllNWAy

06:47, 19.04.2019

10:30am-12:39am https://t.co/Up2wfekvJR

04:30, 19.04.2019

are you trying to be funny because you just sound stupid https://t.co/Aqb3OGyVgY

04:29, 19.04.2019

currently doing about 20 scenes a month, sometimes more. the least i’ve shot in a month is 18 https://t.co/YYdwGD4SZ2

04:20, 19.04.2019

so this is why i’ve never gotten deleted, all i do is post cute stuff❤️ https://t.co/HUwoXQplgb

03:56, 19.04.2019

on set for @Twistys today with Bailey Brooke ❤️ https://t.co/n5fTEdOEmS

00:14, 19.04.2019

i would never change my profile pic https://t.co/AhgE8IzjEB

10:47, 18.04.2019

girl he so excited because he’s having a boy, not because he’s having a baby in general😂 https://t.co/C4748eHsCt

10:22, 18.04.2019

https://t.co/1S6fkBd13N https://t.co/p3V0U6fhyy

08:05, 18.04.2019

oh bitchhhhh just wait & see https://t.co/A2kzENPBxD

06:45, 18.04.2019

i am besides the fact i’ve spent my one day off until the 24th at the hair salon😂 also i have a girlfriend but love… https://t.co/s4zyNXFJWq

06:26, 18.04.2019

shine on, queen https://t.co/sp9hvauyBX

06:17, 18.04.2019

not going much blonder today sadly, had to do my roots, treatments, and keratin https://t.co/wTffkeq9Jo

06:12, 18.04.2019

i’m really all natural except for my blonde hair, my body isn’t perfect but i would never do anything to change it… https://t.co/8jCoTUP8k3

06:10, 18.04.2019

need my hair to get done so i can make it to @liamrileycb drag show tonight😭 i’ve been here since 10am... SEND HELP 😭😭😭

06:07, 18.04.2019

me too hahaha, also love your hair😍 https://t.co/xczvYqSOs9

04:23, 18.04.2019

update: 8 hours in the hair salon so far

04:02, 18.04.2019

i miss @AsaAkira haiku’s

04:02, 18.04.2019

beautiful large breasts??? you sure you watching me? 😂 https://t.co/k4mWLKJWjc

03:44, 18.04.2019

bruh, i absolutely love me too https://t.co/oVgIN0Fa1U

03:18, 18.04.2019

https://t.co/b30mdlFe3L https://t.co/hjlzoS2OmK

02:18, 18.04.2019

all blonde girls in porn should do anal because bleaching your hair hurts 100,000% more than first time butt sex

01:49, 18.04.2019

bleaching your hair hurts more than...

01:07, 18.04.2019

i’ve been at the hair salon since 10:30am

01:02, 18.04.2019


00:55, 18.04.2019

performers of the year 2019 https://t.co/b30mdlFe3L https://t.co/OmldRc0vt2

00:08, 18.04.2019

bro i fucking love shakira https://t.co/G1gTESK5Mh

22:34, 17.04.2019

hahah https://t.co/b9AHDq5UZo

22:13, 17.04.2019

hello me https://t.co/hItVpIxoLX

22:01, 17.04.2019

help save the bees because they’re endangered! we literally cannot live without bee’s. go to @Pornhub new beesexual… https://t.co/lZEbBryf7W

21:01, 17.04.2019

i didn’t take selfies before my scene yesterday so hi this is me right after @BangBrosDotCom gave me anal sex https://t.co/gHy5Ck1dQq

19:58, 17.04.2019

this thread😂 https://t.co/PhSJGjLjQe

07:04, 17.04.2019

excuse me. sir, that’s cannibalism https://t.co/QGUIUGXeQR

06:50, 17.04.2019

ok you might hate me after i say this but, there’s so many things i rather eat than pizza

06:24, 17.04.2019

someone was tired of shouting into the void, so they created twitter.

05:23, 17.04.2019

why do i tweet the things i tweet

05:22, 17.04.2019

fun fact: i don’t shave my legs, never have. and because i didn’t, i barely grew any hair and so my legs are just s… https://t.co/e6nh5JyDel

05:21, 17.04.2019

fuck i love being blonde

04:57, 17.04.2019

shot some POV for @BangBrosDotCom today🔥

04:27, 17.04.2019

feels good to do nice things for no reason💕

04:11, 17.04.2019

i lay eggs in this one🐣 don’t believe me? just watch👉🏼 https://t.co/IGcaaPHaMP https://t.co/WMFLVyAu2w

02:47, 17.04.2019

We are making it our mission to ensure  Mother Nature is sexually active! Introducing BEESEXUAL. A new genre of por… https://t.co/K2k9lRvAoV

18:33, 16.04.2019

😂 @BillyVisualXXX @RealRKofficial https://t.co/L28AhJ1uw8

05:26, 16.04.2019

this article about my bestie is amazing https://t.co/pNr0QGMX79

05:14, 16.04.2019

oh my gosh😭 this is so sad, i feel so bad for the french their hearts must be shattered https://t.co/zXQMljOkqb

04:14, 16.04.2019

.@Brazzers babe🖤🔥 https://t.co/XGH6aacVpx

03:36, 16.04.2019

i can’t believe Notre Dame is burning😭 so so sad

00:48, 16.04.2019

LMFAO https://t.co/T8Htm4ZQRJ

21:26, 15.04.2019

i got my friends kids baby yeezys and i’m just dying for them to get here!!!!

17:43, 15.04.2019

i’m #3 on @pornhub fuck. yes. https://t.co/fivSDIgOwL

09:26, 15.04.2019

never let boys get ahead #girlpower

08:43, 15.04.2019

https://t.co/8uO7kj2GE5 🔥

03:58, 15.04.2019

no but she’s on instagram @ littlekeish813 her old one was hacked😭 https://t.co/iVqJTkdo27

08:22, 14.04.2019

OMG THE WALKING DEAD ONE WHERE SHE CRIED WHEN KENNY DIED😂😂😂😂 someone find this asap https://t.co/xYWhal6r7L

08:01, 14.04.2019

i’m going to die too, i love her so much man. https://t.co/hB0pqiwyV0

06:37, 14.04.2019

i miss seeing me with keisha too. but you know what, i have a strong feeling i’m going to see her soon. i still tal… https://t.co/OVS3sKtF8a

06:33, 14.04.2019

lol idk why i like them but that last hashtag tho😍 #miamisubs fries ARE THE BEST🤤 https://t.co/essg0grHkR

06:32, 14.04.2019

i don’t know what i would do without the beautiful, unbelievably sassy gay men in my life. every girl needs her gay… https://t.co/bKCruMVPC3

06:22, 14.04.2019
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I fak u my bast coka
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