Brandi Love
Brandi Love

Brandi Love is an American porn actress who has proved that at any age can be loud to make themselves heard in pornography. Brandy was born in 1973 in North Carolina, strawberry debuted when she was thirty years old (2003). And Brandy did a very non-standard way, babe aged has created his own website and began to post videos of a pornographic nature, where, of course, she was the main character. Eight years of Love was freely swimming and rarely collaborated with pornographic studios, but since 2011 she began to actively participate in Studio porn. And Brandy didn't bother, even the age of thirty-eight. She constantly shows that women aged can also be incredibly erotic, desirable and sexy. Love knows how to present themselves in the genre of "Mommy" she is incredibly popular porn diva. Although in other directions strawberry Brandy also cool shows (bdsm, group sex and orgies incredibly exciting). Now she was forty-one, but Busty brunette is not shy to show my body on camera, she can easily even give a shape to many young porn Actresses. And a pleasant surprise for many admirers of her work is the fact that in 2014 the company "Kelly Madison Media" has created a Brandy new site, which will give her new sexual pleasures.

It should also be noted that Brandi Love was not only terribly attractive woman, but also a very smart lady. In 2013, she agreed to speak to a group of students of the Department of sociology East Carolina University, professors at the meeting also were present. Love expressed his opinion about traditional marriage and was able to prove that he is not always successful works. Following this presentation, David Knox, Professor of sociology and PhD, was constantly invited to talk with students. Also Knox noted that she is incredibly intelligent and thoughtful speaker.

The mental power of Love our website will not help you to make sure, but look at her skillful work during sex you can. In every porn film Brandy irresistible, original and emotional. She is a real star of the porn industry, which shows that to retire her early.

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  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 28.03.1973
  • Lugar de nacimiento: United States, North Carolina
  • Vídeos: 180
  • Altura: 170
  • Peso: 57
Brandi Love en Twitter: brandi_love

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