Patty Michova
Patty Michova

Patty Michova – beauty of Slavic appearance with huge milkings and the ability to perfectly show yourself in various pleasures. Gorgeous she sucks cocks skillfully on the holes gets, loves to play with his milkings and go solo (debauchery with objects, toys and so on). In the European strawberry she is a star who continues his ascent to porn stardom and the present recognition.

Lives in Austria, and was born in the Czech Republic in 1992. Debuted in pornography haired beauty in 2013. And immediately got hot in there to sell yourself, and the main emphasis had always been on her huge Boobs. Males love them rumple, greedily groping and drive in between the bolts. Although frying the Patty all too much. In most movies, it takes the submission, performs the whims of lovers and shows himself a skillful slut. It is often roasted to fully Mature, although young males of Michova loves to practice debauchery. Patty Michova is a pseudonym, she chose him, believing that he is a very beautiful and somewhat romantic sounds. Underneath she is known almost all over Europe, especially where hot pornography is in demand.

Also often poses Nude for men's magazines and the pictures comes out great, in General, show off your gorgeous body she knows how. And height and weight she a petite beauty, growth – 164 centimeters, weight – 50 pounds (huge milking is clearly a few pounds on take). And because of Patty's big Boobs seems juicy beauty, but finding her sexy body flaws is almost impossible. And why to do it, just better watch cool porn with her participation and to get unforgettable pleasure. On our website you will find many hot clips with Busty Patty Michova, all pleasant, exciting and attractive. Each will get its serving cool enjoyment.

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  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 26.10.1992
  • Lugar de nacimiento: Slovakia, Trencin
  • Vídeos: 8
  • Altura: 164
  • Peso: 50
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Patty Michova